YEMEN Press Agency

Ukrainian military vehicles join Saudi special forces to suppress opponents

RIYADH, Aug. 14 (YPA) – Saudi Special Forces have brought new military vehicles from Ukraine; for use in incursions and suppression of demonstrations.

The Ukrainian company “Practika” on Saturday revealed that it had recently supplied a batch of its military vehicles to the Saudi army.

The CEO of the company, Oleg Vysotsky, said that the Saudi Special Forces had received a number – he did not specified – of “Kozak-5” armored vehicles.

The company stated that the Kozak-5 is a lightweight armored vehicle for special forces, designed to perform police or auxiliary military tasks.

The Kozak-5 is specifically designed for small groups that transport and use its body as a barrier shield in the event of a skirmish.

Saudi Arabia has turned into a global pariah due to the crimes and violations of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the military deals are an explicit example of that.

In the latest evidence of the kingdom’s deteriorating image, the “International Action Against the Arms Trade Organization” called on unions in Canada to unite to end Canadian arms sales to Saudi authorities.

The organization noted that Canadian arms exports to the Saudi authorities are inconsistent with Canada’s legal and humanitarian obligation under the Arms Trade Treaty.