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Minister Finance: Prices of goods imported through Hodeida port will drop by 40%

SANAA, Aug. 08 (YPA) – The Minister of Finance in Sanaa government, Dr. Rashid Abu Lahoum, said on Sunday the prices of commodities imported through Hodeida port will drop by 40% whether in the areas located under the Supreme Political Council’s control or others.

Dr. Abu Lahoum explained, in a press statement, that the prices of goods will drop by 40 percent if they are imported via Hodeida, due to the decrease in customs duties based on the recent directives of the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat to reduce customs by 49 percent.

This comes in view of the increase in customs fees approved by the other side in the occupied areas (controlled by Saudi-led coalition and Hadi’s government), in addition to the costly transportation fees that accompany them, as well as the distance.

The Minister of Finance pointed out that the National Salvation Government has a package of procedures and laws regulating the process of receiving commercial containers at the port of Hodeida, based on a patriotic sense to reduce the price of the commodity for citizens.

“The commercial sector in all provinces of the country is willing to import through the port of Hodeida, due to the presence of the necessary facilities, and to escape the policy of extortion and the dangers of piracy practiced by warlords in the occupied territories,” Abu Lahoum said.

He announced that the President’s directives and recommendations to provide all facilities for containers arriving at the port of Hodeida entered into force, indicating that it is “an important step to reduce the repercussions of the mercenary government’s decisions.”

Abu Lahoum pointed out that the commercial sector in all provinces had rejected the decision to raise the price of customs tariffs and warned of its disastrous consequences for the citizens’ livelihood.

He pointed out that the economic war being carried out against the Yemeni people is an existing US policy that is being implemented in more than one country, including Yemen.

The Minister of Finance confirmed that the Yemeni people, through their great public march this afternoon, expressed their permanent rejection of all measures of the Saudi-led coalition forces, including the US-backed decision to raise the price of the customs tariff.