YEMEN Press Agency

Ansarullah praises Lebanese resistance for its response to Zionist aggression

SANAA, Aug. 06 (YPA) – Ansarullah Political Bureau on Friday has congratulated Islamic Resistance in Lebanon “Hezbollah” for its brave retaliation to the recent attacks by the Zionist occupation enemy on Lebanese territories.

“Congratulation to the Lebanese people, its army of Lebanon and resistance to the historic Victory of July, which inflicted an odious defeat on the Zionist enemy,” Political Bureau said in a statement.

The recent Zionist attacks prove that the defeat of 2006, which still  as a deterrent to the Zionist enemy from going to the biggest fear of defeat, the statement read.

Early on Thursday, Israeli occupation  warplanes struck two Al-Jarmak and Al-Shawakeer Lebanon areas, in the first aerial attack on Lebanon since 2006 July war.