YEMEN Press Agency

Islah militants close Passports Authority in Taiz

TAIZ, Jul. 29 (YPA) – Islah militants on Thursday closed the Immigration and Passports Authority after the director of the department refused to pass an earlier agreement between the  Taiz axis and  governor to increase fees in favor of the axis despite its cancellation by Moeen Abdul Malik, head of Hadi’s government, Yemen News Portal reported, citing local sources.

Local sources said the Taiz axis was pushed by several militants, most of them wounded, to besiege the area and shooting fires led to its closure.

The closure came after the director of the authority refused to impose an additional fee of up to 3,500 riyals on each passport for favor of Islah forces in the Axis.

The axis of Taiz and the city’s governor Nabil Shamsan agreed weeks ago on new levies in favor of the axis, but Moeen Abdul Malik later cancelled the agreement.

The Immigration and Passports Authority in Taiz is a center for all the Northern provinces after the decision to ban the dealing of passports issued from Sanaa, which means it makes hundreds of millions a day.