YEMEN Press Agency

STC militia sends reinforcements to Abyan

ABYAN, Jun. 09 (YPA) – Huge military reinforcements of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)  arrived in Abyan province to deter an expected military attack by Hadi forces on STC military sites in Aden.

Informed sources revealed on Wednesday that the military reinforcements included various shipments of rocket-propelled grenades and armored military vehicles, as well as a number of troop transport locomotives were seen heading to Abyan via the eastern road linking the provinces of Abyan and Aden.

According to the sources, the recent reinforcements came in the context of the Emirati-backed transitional militia’s fear of a recent plan that was revealed regarding an expected attack by the government of outgoing President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi on Aden.

It is expected that the war between the STC and the Hadi government will return to ignition in light of escalating steps from both sides, including dismissals, appointments, and revolutionizing the street, as well as the failure of the negotiating track in Riyadh.