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US sells 2 million barrels of Iranian oil seized off coast of UAE

SANAA, Jun.01 (YPA) – The United States sold 2 million barrels of Iranian oil from the Achilleas (Crude oil tanker), which was seized near the UAE coast in February, judicial documents showed on Tuesday.

According to documents, the Associated Press reported that oil Tanker said to have been subjected to forfeiture under American anti-terrorism statutes as Revolutionary Guard tried to use it to sell crude oil to China

The US government moved the tanker to Houston, Texas, where it sold $2 million worth of oil for $100 million, according to the documents.

The Achilleas tanker was seized off the coast of Fujairah in February.

Washington claimed that crude oil on the Greek ship was secretly exported by Tehran to avoid US trade sanctions.

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in a U.S. court in February, alleging that the IRGC was hiding the oil source and making it look as if it were from Iraq.

Achilleas, known as the “very large crude oil tanker,” is anchored about 100 kilometers off the Texas coast near Houston.

The US Department of Justice ordered the ship to sail to the United States, before Biden succeeded former President Donald Trump on January 20.