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Military media shows new scenes to storm Saudi army’s sites in Jizan

SANAA, May 31 (YPA) – The military media of the Yemeni army continued on Monday to show video scenes to complete the massive military operation in Jizan axis.

The scenes showed the storming more than 30 military sites belonging to the Saudi army and mercenaries from the Sudanese army by the units of the Yemeni army in areas of a difficult geographical nature.

The released video also documented a mass escape of dozens of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries from their positions, leaving their weapons and food supplies as booty for the Yemeni army, in addition to capturing Sudanese mercenaries.

The scenes continue to show the military and combat skills of the heroes of the army and popular forces during the operation.

The new scenes came two days after the release of scenes of the military operation that showed the weakness of the Saudi army and mercenaries of different nationalities during the operation, which has led to the control of 150 square kilometers in the Saudi territories.

The coalition spokesman, Saudi Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, denied what the Yemeni military media lens showed of controlling large areas in Jizan.

Meanwhile, top member in the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, has commented Monday on the coalition’s accusation that Sanaa fabricates media victories, regarding the recent military operation in the Jizan axis in the southwest of the kingdom.

He announced willingness to exchange the bodies of those killed with the Saudi side.

“If the scenes of the military operation in Jizan have brought terror to you and not understanding what they really are, how will you describe the coming operation scenes,” Mohammed al-Houthi said on Twitter, addressing the Saudi-led coalition.