YEMEN Press Agency

Abyan’s local official assassinated in Aden

ADEN, May 02 (YPA) – Unidentified gunmen assassinated on Sunday a local official of Abyan province, in front of his home in Aden city, southern Yemen, local sources said.

The sources confirmed that the gunmen attacked the Secretary-General of the Local Council in Al-Mahfad District in Abyan, Mohammed Salem Al-Kazmi, by opening fire on him in front of his home in Al-Haswa area in the center of Aden.

Al-Kazami was killed while leaving his home, the sources added, without disclosing the reasons or the party behind the assassination.

This came after the president of the UAE-backed “Southern Transitional Council”, Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, arrived in Aden Saturday coming from Abu Dhabi.