YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Coalition forces suffer heavy losses in Yemeni west coast

HODEIDAH, May 30 (YPA) – The Yemeni military media on Tuesday evening published a footage and photos showing heavy losses of Saudi-led coalition forces and militias loyal to them in the west coast battle.

The photos obtained by Yemen Press Agency show dead bodies of the coalition troops and burned military vehicles, as well as ammunition seized by the army.

The military media center said that those photos were taken during repelling a large infiltration of the coalition forces toward the north of Khokha district on the international coastal road in the Yemeni west coast.

The coalition forces are trying to carry out suicide attacks to prove their existence on the west coast in conjunction with a fierce media campaign to create confusion among Yemenis, the center added.

The center noted that the coalition media campaign promotes for what it called victories and military advances on the airport and port of Hodeidah at a time its forces are still fighting desperately in the vicinity of Khokha.

During the past two days, several armored vehicles of the coalition and its troops have managed to penetrate the international coastline through the outskirts of Tuhaita district and reached al-Jiah area of Durayhemi district, about 80 kilometers south of Hodeidah city.

“The armored vehicles, which penetrated the coastline, fell into a big trouble after failing to retreat,” a military official in the Yemeni army said.

The army burned a number of those armored vehicles, the official added.