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Yemeni forces take first step to advance towards eastern crossing of Marib city

SANAA, April 10 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces have taken the first step to advance towards eastern crossing of Marib city.

Local sources familiar with the battles told Yemen Press Agency, that the fierce battles between the Yemeni forces the coalition forces broke out in the eastern desert of Jawf province and expanded towards the eastern crossing of the city of Marib from the northern side.

Jawf desert drains the coalition forces:

The sources said that the army and committees forces, which fought fierce battles against the coalition forces led by the new commander of the “Sixth Military Region” of the coalition forces Abdullah Al-Dhawi and Yahya Al-Haasir, managed to repulse an attack by the coalition and al-Qaeda towards Hawisban desert and control over new areas in the eastern Jawf desert, as well as to advanced towards the northeastern crossing to the city.

The army was able to take over the area of Qarn Adwan, Tabat al-Sanjar, and Tabat Harmal, hours after responded to large infiltration attempt carried out by the recruits of Brigade “122” and Brigade “110” and “Al-Farouq Brigade, loyal to the coalition forces towards eastern desert of Hawisban.

According to the sources, the sites of the coalition forces and al-Qaeda have been exposed since on Saturday morning, to the largest military attack carried out by the Sana’a forces towards the northeastern outskirts of the city of Marib, where dozens of both sides were killed and wounded in the fierce battles taking place near the city.

The sources stated the army forces advanced from the areas of Al-Sanjar and Harmal that they have controlled towards the coalition-held area of al-Alam al-Abiadh, east of the city of Marib.

Additionally, the battles are concentrated in the fronts of Jadafir and Wadi Nakhla, north of the city, amid reports of major collapses in the ranks of the coalition and al-Qaeda.