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1st joint public training for Zionist, Emirati air forces was announced

SANAA, April 8 (YPA) – The Zionist “Channel 12” website announced the first joint public training of the Zionist and Emirati air forces.

Channel 12 confirmed the completion of preparations for the “INIOCHOS” international maneuver in Greece, which will start on April 12 and will end on the 22nd of this month, with the participation of Zionist and Emirati air force pilots, as well as local pilots from the United States and other countries.

This maneuver takes place once a year in the month of April, and the Israeli Air Force is a permanent guest in it, but the public and full presence of the UAE Air Force is also new, as part of the official exchange of relations between the two parties.

This maneuver comes a month after the Saudi Air Force trained in Greece for the first time. At the weekend, Israeli Air Force F-15-F-35s were documented in training in Cyprus, including against Russian-made defense systems.

This maneuver was disclosed by a report by the Israeli newspaper “Maariv” on January 15th.

The Zionist newspaper reported that “the normalization agreements with the UAE continue to produce practical indications: for the first time since their signing, an international air maneuver will be carried out in Greece with the participation of aircraft from the two countries in an open and overt way.”

The newspaper said that the exercise will also witness the participation of air weapons from the United States, Canada, Spain, Cyprus and Slovakia.

Maariv explained that, “Previously, due to political sensitivity and the UAE’s fear of criticism in the Arab world, the Emiratis demanded a clear separation of duties during the joint maneuver and dialogue between the Zionist pilots and their counterparts from the Emirates. But this time, the maneuver will take place without restrictions. ”