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Iranian oil tanker arrives at port of Banias in Syria

SANAA, April 8 ( YPA) – Al-Mayadeen Channel reported that an Iranian oil tanker had arrived at the Banias port in Syria, loaded with one million barrels of crude oil.

The Syrian Ministry of Oil said that an oil tanker docked in the port of Banias on the Mediterranean Sea, to unload its cargo at the refinery.

This announcement comes ten days after the authorities began legalizing the distribution of petroleum products due to the stalled transit in the Suez Canal.

It is noteworthy that last year, the Iranian ambassador to Syria, Jawad Turkabadi, confirmed that his country will continue to support Syria’s needs of oil derivatives in the face of the new wave of Western sanctions targeting the two countries.

In an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik” at the time on the sidelines of the first conference of businessmen and women of the Syrian community, Turk Abadi said, “I assure you that we will stand by each other, and the Syrian people are steadfast by the side of their homeland and its institutions.”

This is not the first time that Iran breaks the blockade on countries. Previously, a group of three tankers carrying Iranian fuel entered Venezuelan territorial waters.