YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-coalition military commander killed in west of Marib

MARIB, April 7 (YPA) – A senior commander in the “7th Military Region” loyal to the Saudi-led coalition died on Wednesday as a result of wounds sustained during the battles with the Yemeni army forces and the popular committees, west of Marib city, informed sources reported.

Brigadier General “Mohammed Mohsen bin Mashali Al-Haramali, staff officer of the 7th Military Region, died in a hospital in Marib, days after he was injured while he was leading a failed infiltration towards the outskirts of “Al-Kassara” Mountain northwest of the city of Marib, according to the sources.

on Sunday, the “Yemeni Press Agency” quoted private sources as saying that Brigadier General Al-Haramali was seriously injured in an area between “Al-Kassara” and Nakhla valley, west of the city of Marib.