YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi officer beaten after raping child soldier in Marib

MARIB, April 06 (YPA) – A Saudi officer was severely beaten on Monday evening after he raped a child soldier, who had been recruited to fight in ranks of the Saudi-led coalition force coalition forces in Marib province.

Well-informed sources in Marib told Yemen Press Agency that a Saudi officer holding a major rank raped a Yemeni recruit from Amran province inside the Saudi forces operations room in one of the coalition camps in the city of Marib.

The coalition recruits from Amran in the so-called “310th Armored Brigade” beat the Saudi officer, in response to the rape crime, the sources added.

The sources noted that the command of the 310th Brigade ordered the arrest of the recruits who beat the Saudi officer, and held them in the “Military Police” prison of the coalition forces in Marib city.