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Oil company revokes licenses for 2 violating stations in Amran, Hodeidah

SANAA, Aug 27 (YPA) – The Yemen Oil Company announced the revocation of licenses for two petroleum stations in  Amran and Hodaidah provinces due to their violation of its directives and instructions.

The company stated in a statement on Thursday that the revocation of licenses came after ensuring that the two stations sold quantities of oil of unknown source and not in conformity with the specifications and at prices higher than the official announced price, in violation of the power of attorney contracts signed with it.

The statement stated that the pumps, valves and scissors were sealed and waxed with red wax, and their owners were referred to the competent judicial authorities to obtain their deterrent penalty in accordance with the law.

The company called on the owners of petroleum stations in the Capital Sanaa and the provinces to abide by the power of attorney contracts signed with the company in a manner that does not make them subject to legal accountability, stressing that it will not be complacent in taking deterrent measures against anyone who is begging to bypass instructions and exploit the needs of citizens and harm their property.

The statement indicated that the company is controlling the petroleum stations that sell smuggled materials, in violation of its instructions and directives aimed at serving citizens by providing high-quality oil derivatives, supporting the national economy, fighting the black market, and achieving stability in accordance with its rationing policy that benefits everyone.

The company called on citizens to report documented violations of any station and to communicate with the company’s operations at 01836553/01836552