YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi-led aggression forces continues to detain 20 ships of oil derivatives

SANAA, Aug 24 (YPA) – The Yemeni Oil Company said that the aggression coalition is still holding 20 oil vessels so far, including two ships loaded with diesel and two ships carrying household gas.

In a statement issued by the company on Monday, the company stated that 16 ships loaded with gasoline and diesel are still being held by the coalition of aggression and have not been allowed to enter the port of Hodeidah despite obtaining entry permits from the United Nations.

The statement indicated that the tonnage of these ships amounts to 203,480 tons of gasoline and 197,499 tons of diesel.

The statement pointed out that the maximum detention period is for the “Damas” ship loaded with 29 thousand and 491 tons of diesel, which reached 148 days, and the fines for delaying this ship have reached nearly three million dollars, and it increases as the period of detention increases.

The company considered that the aggression coalition continues to detain oil derivative ships in clear violation of the provisions of the International Convention on Human Rights, the rules of international humanitarian law, the laws and customs in force, as well as ignoring the permanent aggression of the essence and goals of the Sweden Agreement, which stressed the need to facilitate the arrival of basic materials and humanitarian aid to the port of Hodeidah.

The statement also considered the United Nations a partner to the Aggression Coalition in the continued detention of oil derivatives ships and the impending humanitarian disaster as a result of the suspension of service sectors, especially the health sector.

The Yemeni Oil Company renewed holding the United Nations fully responsible for what the situation in Yemen will lead to in the coming days, as a result of the arbitrary practices of the countries of aggression and their continued detention of oil derivative ships.