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Coalition pulls al-Qaeda, ISIS operatives to Marib after their defeat in Bayda

SANAA, Aug. 14 (YPA) – A military official in forces of “Hadi government”  on Thursday revealed that the so-called al-Qaeda and ISIS elements had arrived in Marib city, after their defeat on Qayfa front in Bayda province.

Ali bin Mohsen Salah, one of the so-called Staff General officers of the Hadi government forces, said in a post on “Facebook” on Thursday that large elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS came to the city of Marib, coming from Yakla areas of Qayfa district.

Salah indicated that Saudi-led coalition forces received these elements and settled them in al-Falaj and Wadi Abida areas, and east of al-Falaq area in Marib.

Local sources in Marib revealed that there is a great state of discontent among the tribal fighters and others, after they discovered that the coalition and the Islah Party leadership are behind the terrorist organizations (ISIS and al-Qaeda).