YEMEN Press Agency

NMC expects continuation of rainy weather, active wind over next 24 hours

SANAA, July 25 (YPA) – The National Meteorological Center expected on Saturday continuation of instability weather and heavy rains over the next 24 hours.

The center expected the continuation of thunderstorms of varying intensity, accompanied by strong winds during the next four days.

The rains will fall on separate areas of the western highland chain and extend east to parts of the deserts and internal plateaus in Marib, Jawf, Bayda, Shabwa and Hadramout provinces.

The center warned citizens not to be in floods way and cautioned against the landslides, mudslides and the decline in the range of horizontal visibility during and after the rains.

The center also also called for the need to take shelter from wind and thunderstorms during and after the rains.

The center warned seagoers, ship masters, and fishermen around Socotra, in the southern and eastern coasts and west of the Gulf of Aden.