YEMEN Press Agency

Deputy Foreign Minister denies coalition’s allegations about storming home of Abdul Razzaq al-Hijri

SANAA, July 7 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister in the National Salvation Government Hussein al-Ezzi on Monday  denied what some pro-coalition media websites have circulated about Ansarullah’s storming the house of Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian Abdul Razzaq al-Hijri.

“The reliable information confirms that Abdul Razzaq al-Hijri’s house is inhabited only by a guard and what some websites have published are just lies that are baseless,” al-Ezzi said on his Twitter page.

He noted that the issue between him and the judiciary and absolutely has nothing to do with us as an administrative authority or as a political component of the subject, stressing that the law will remain the first ruler of all.

Pro-Coalition news and media outlets circulated tendentious rumors, including accusing Ansarullah of storming and seizing the house of the head of the Yemeni Islah Party’s parliamentary bloc in Sanaa.

This came as part of the campaign launched by the coalition tools and their media, targeting the security and stability enjoyed by the capital Sanaa and liberated provinces.