YEMEN Press Agency

From under rubble, child calls innocently: “I am not injured, only my hand is cut off”

SANAA, May 10 (YPA) – Medics are still trying to get one of the children out of the rubble of the house, which was hit by Saudi-led coalition air strikes early on Thursday in Azraqin area, north of the capital Sanaa.

Local sources told Yemen Press Agency that the child was calling the rescuers from under the rubble for water. He told them innocently that he was not wounded, but that his hand was cut off only.

The coalition warplanes earlier the day committed a new crime against humanity by targeting a house belonging to Abdul Rahman Abdo Ali al-Risi in the Azraqin area, north of the capital, killing him, his wife and two of his children, and wounding seven people, including three children.

This crime came less than 15 hours after a similar crime, in which a mother along with four of her children were killed in a coalition air raid targeted the house of Mohammed Azim al-Lablob in Majz district of Saada province.