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Ansarullah condemns Saudi decision to ban foreign pilgrims from Mecca, Medina

SANAA, June 24 (YPA) – The Political Bureau of Ansarullah has on Wednesday said that Saudi Arabia’s decision to prevent pilgrims from outside its borders is “unjust and unfair,” since it will push people away from the Sacred House of Allah.

In a statement, the Bureau stressed that the pretexts for prevention are weak and not objective, since Hajj does not belong to the Saudi regime alone, but is an issue that concerns all Muslims and is one of the pillars of Islam.

“The decision to prevent pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia from visiting the holy places under the pretext of preventing the spread of the corona pandemic is a very poor decision, as it bans all pilgrims,” the statement reads, noting the possibility for the Saudi regime to take necessary preventive measures and coordinate with Islamic countries in arranging the Hajj season rather than resort to a total ban.

“Raising one’s soul is one of the most important purposes of Shariah. This is an undisputed matter, but the brutal nature of the Saudi regime overlooks that argument, and its bloody behaviour in its aggressive war against Yemen is a living testimony that the issue of raising the human soul is not in the dictionary of the Saudi regime.”

Ansarullah expressed its deep regret over the Saudi decision, and warned for the consequences of keeping silent about it. The organist soon called on the Islamic world to loudly raise its voice and put the Saudi regime under accountability for preventing the Hajj pilgrimage, which is a right guaranteed to every Muslim.