YEMEN Press Agency

Gunmen attack Al Naser Hospital in Dhalea

DHALEA, April 2 (YPA) – Gunmen believed to affiliated with the UAE-backed “Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias on Thursday attacked Al Nasr General Hospital with a number of grenades in Dhalea province, southern Yemen, local sources reported.

According to local sources, gunmen used three grenades to attack the gate of the hospital in the city.

The sources confirmed that the attack left two citizens wounded, as they were passing through the hospital gate.

The hospital was closed after the terrorist attack, one of the sources said.

In mid-March, unidentified gunmen attacked Dr. Mohsen al-Subhi’s home with a grenade, without reporting any victims from his family.

At the end of December 2019, the headquarters of the Organization for Technical Cooperation and Development ( ACTED) was attacked by an RPG in the Al-Qashash neighborhood north of Dhalea province.

In early November 2018, MSF suspended all humanitarian activities after its headquarters were subjected to ongoing attacks and threats of violence against its medical and health staff.