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Ismail Haniyeh denies all rumours that he would stay in “Turkey or Qatar”

SANAA, Feb. 26 (YPA) – Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh denied all reports that stated his intention not to return to the Gaza Strip and that he would settle in Turkey or Qatar.

“It is absolutely untrue that I will not return to the Gaza Strip, although staying in a territory or state here or there may be as long as necessary without paying too much attention to such rumours,” Haniyeh said, responding to a question about the talk that he would not return to the Gaza Strip and stay in Turkey or Qatar.

He continued: “These rumors have their objectives. My mission is to move between the territories of the movement and our people and in the refugee camps and the diaspora, but my homeland Palestine and my residence in Gaza.”

“Hamas is spread like the Palestinian people in different geographical areas, and there is a weight for our people in many of these places,” Haniyeh said.

He added: “The interest of the Palestinian cause first and then the movement’s affairs requires being in more than one arena and directly pursuing political and leadership actions.

Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas  confirmed that the head of the movement for this period has been chosen from within the occupied territories, where the movement’s largest presence to lead on its territory and among its fighters  in order move to different capitals to follow up requirements of political and organizational work.

Haniyeh said that the main objectives of these visits is his foreign tour: “To discuss developments related to the Palestinian issue, confront attempts to liquidate it, strengthen bilateral relations with these countries and their components, and follow up on the situation of the Palestinians.”