YEMEN Press Agency

Salvation Govt in Parliament to answer MPs’ questions

SANAA, Feb. 25 (YPA) – The Parliament held its session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Speaker Yahya Ali al-Ra’i, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor and the National Salvation Government’s members.

The government’s attendance comes at the request of the Parliament to respond to the interrogation submitted by the House member Abdo Mohammed Beshr and addressed to the government.

The interrogation included a number of issues, most notably are the increase in prices, the oil derivatives crisis, the unreasonable expenditures, the prisons and public freedoms, the non-payment of salaries, the widening cycle of poverty, the spread of diseases and epidemics, and the appointments, exclusions and settlements in the public jobs.

The interrogation indicated that the government did not implement the recommendations of the House and the directives of the authorities and regulatory agencies.

In this regard, the Prime Minister said that there is an exaggeration in some terms, pointing out that the conditions that the country is going through are exceptional circumstances and an abnormal situation at all due to the continued aggression and siege.

He affirmed that the government is performing its work and carrying out the duties assigned to it according to what is possible and available.

During its session, the Parliament also listened to the responses of the ministers regarding the issues that were included in the interrogation, each in connection with his ministry.

In the context of their discussions, the House members expressed their understanding of the current and exceptional circumstances that Yemen is going through as a result of the continued aggression and blockade.

They emphasized that the purpose of the interrogation is not bickering or fault-finding, but evaluating the performance, activating the positives and addressing the negatives.