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Hezbollah condemns century deal launched by Trump administration

SANAA, Jan. 28 (YPA) – Hezbollah strongly condemned the shame deal launched by the Trump administration on Tuesday, which persecutes the Palestinian people, their land, their sanctities, and their legitimate natural rights.
In a statement issued this evening, Tuesday, he said, “The deal is a very dangerous step that will have very bad repercussions on the future of the region and its people.

Hezbollah considered that the American administration, after decades of supporting the enemy, occupying it, its aggression and massacres against the Arab peoples, crowned its aggression today, by trying to eliminate the historical and legal rights of the Palestinian people.

Hezbollah affirmed that this deal would not have taken place without the complicity and betrayal of a number of the Arab regimes who have been secretly and publicly involved in this plot.
In its statement, Hezbollah considered that the settlement project that is part of this deal is among the most visible dangers that aim to overthrow the right of return and deprive the Palestinian people of their rights to their lands, and work to create social and demographic tensions and transitional sedition that only serves the enemy’s interests and expansion goals.

Hezbollah stressed that what happened today in Washington confirms that the resistance option is the only option to liberate the land and restore the sanctities and that all negotiating options do not return the land nor liberate a prisoner, but rather push the enemy to more aggression and arrogance.

Hezbollah praised the Palestinian people, its leaders, and its resistance factions for their progress in all ranks in rejecting and confronting them with full force for the alleged deal of the century,

Hezbollah affirmed that all conspiracies, deals and betrayals cannot erase the Palestinians ’right to their lands and sanctities and the right to return to their villages and cities. He stressed that our nation and its living people are able to topple this deal soon and to drop its effects.