YEMEN Press Agency

UN delegation visits Central Bank in Hodeidah

SANAA, Dec. 10 (YPA) – On Monday, a delegation from the United Nation’s office, visited the Central Bank of Yemen’ s branch in Hodeidah.
The delegation was headed by theDirector of the Envoy’s Office in Sanaa, Nicolas Davis, and the Director of the United Nations Development Program in Yemen..

The visit comes based on coordination and follow-up by the Supreme Economic Committee with the envoy’s office to implement the Hodeidah agreement regarding the supply of revenue for Hodeidah ports to the bank ‘s branch in Hodeidah in exchange for paying the salaries of all state employees.

The visit also comes in response to the call made by the Supreme Economic Committee, which demanded in more than one statement an appropriate oversight role for the United Nations, to ensure the commitment of the National Salvation Government to the initiative launched by the Supreme Political Council.

The Sweden agreement is implemented unilaterally with regard to port revenues and the payment of salaries of employees, as the initiative was implemented by the Salvation Government by opening the account for the salary initiative and the revenue was supplied