YEMEN Press Agency

UAE kills al-Hujaili after giving testimony exposing assassinations in Aden

SANAA, Dec. 1 (YPA) – Chief of al-Mansoura’s investigation bureau in Aden province Colonel Salah al-Hujaili, who was assassinated on Sunday, was aware of the assassinations that have taken place in Aden since 2015, according to informed sources.

The sources said that al-Hujaili had presented significant documents and information to Al-Jazeera TV Channel within its “Death Belts” program, which was broadcast last week.

According to the sources, al-Hujaili was one of those most prominent officials who own proven physical evidence about the role of Emirati officers and officials loyal to the UAE, topped by Abu Khalifa, Bin Burik, Yusran, and others, in the assassinations that have occurred in Aden since 2015.