YEMEN Press Agency

Industry Ministry starts monitoring new price list application

SANAA, Dec. 1 (YPA) – Ministry of Industry and Trade on Sunday began the process of the field control in the markets to ensure the application of the new price list issued by the Ministry last week.

The field monitoring process is implemented by 13 main committees and 104 sub-committees in the capital Sanaa and provinces in order to ensure the application of the new price list and protect consumers from harmful goods and products.

”This will include inspection of commercial establishments and controlling irregularities related to raising the selling price of bread in ovens,” said Bassam al-Ghurbani, undersecretary of the ministry for internal trade sector.

The control committees would also deal with the violations related to the circulation and sale of adulterated, counterfeit, forbidden and expired products, which are unfit for human consumption, al-Ghurbani added.