YEMEN Press Agency

Islah militias withdraw from Abyan after UAE threats to bomb them

ABYAN, Nov. 28 (YPA) – Islah Party militias loyal to Hadi’s forces on Thursday were forced to retreat to al-Naqba area in Shabwa province after reaching the outskirts of Ahwar city in Abyan province and imposing a siege on the city.

Sources reported that military cars belonging to Islah militias left Ahwar two days after imposing a siege on it, and were seen heading to Shabwa province, following Emirati threats to bomb their troops if they tried to storm the city.

Abyan province has seen a huge tension between the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council’s militias and Saudi-backed Islah militias.

Observers expected violent clashes between the two sides in the province, especially after announcing the failure of Riyadh agreement between Hadi’s government and the transitional council.