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Sanaa unveils official report on President al-Hamdi’s assassination

SANAA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – The Armed Forces’ Moral Guidance Department unveiled, in a press conference held Tuesday in Sanaa, the first official report on the assassination of the martyr President Ibrahim al-Hamdi.

During the press conference, those involved in the assassination of President al-Hamdi were uncovered.

The Moral Guidance Department confirmed that the Saudi regime was involved in the bloody coup plot against President al-Hamdi, as well as Yemeni military leaders.

“Those who carried out the bloody coup and assassinated President Hamdi, his brother Abdullah al-Hamdi and other military commanders were Yemeni military officials on orders from Saudi Arabia,” the Moral Guidance Department said.

The most prominent Yemeni military officials involved in the assassination were Deputy Commander-in-Chief and at that time Chief of Staff Lt. Col. Ahmed Al-Ghashmi and commander of Taiz Brigade Major Ali Abdullah Saleh, according to the Department.

This report is the first on the crime since it was committed on October 11, 1977, because the main perpetrators of the crime have been in power for the past decades.

At the conference, the Moral Guidance Department reviewed some documents that it has obtained, which confirm the involvement of the Saudi regime in the crime from planning to supervising the execution until covering up the crime.

According to the report, the most prominent Saudi officials involved in the assassination of al-Hamdi is Ali bin Musalam, an adviser at the Saudi Royal Court and responsible for the Yemeni file, as well as the Saudi military attaché in Sanaa at that time Col. Saleh al-Hedyan.