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Tension prevails in Israeli prisons after Sami Abu Diak’s death

SANAA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – Sami Abu Diak, a 37-year-old resident of Jenin of the Occupied West Bank, was killed inside the Israeli occupation jails on Tuesday,the Prisoners’ Media Office announced

A spokesman for the Prisoners’ Media Office, the freed prisoner,  Ali al-Mughrabi, confirmed the martyrdom of Prisoner Abu Diak in the occupation prisons.

“A state of boiling and tension prevails in Israeli prisons,” he said.

“The prisoners’ Media” declared that a state of extreme tension prevails in all prisons after the martyrdom of Abu Diak.

“What happened is a new crime adds to the black record of occupation, through its practice of killing through medical negligence against Palestinian prisoners in clear violation of international law and human norms,” he added

“What is needed is a serious stand and a protection network for those who are after Sami Abu Diak, otherwise the killing machine will continue to take the lives of our people inside Israeli prisons,” he said.

Palestinian citizen Sami Abu Diak, 37 years old, has been imprisoned by the Israeli occupation authorities since 2002 and sentenced for three life terms in addition to 30 years in Israeli prisons.