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Minister of Health calls UN to help Yemen to save children from epidemic

SANAA, Nov. 23 (YPA) – Minister of Health Taha Al-Mutawakel on Saturday called on the United Nations to help Yemen in entry essential medicines for save Yemeni children from diseases and epidemic.

The move came during a festival organized by the ministry on the occasion of the International Children’s Day.
The minister called for the UN to establish an air bridge to save lives of five thousand children inflicted with tumors and diseases for receiving treatment abroad.

Al-Mutawakel pointed out that the use of internationally prohibited weapons by the Saudi-led aggression coalition on Yemeni has caused in birth defects congenital births.

He affirmed that the UN has not yet sent any medical aircraft to save patients for treatment abroad, especially children.

The Minister confirmed the death of 350 children a day in Yemen and 150,000 others die every year due to the aggression and its siege, which have led to spread of the diseases and epidemics, including malnutrition and lack of medicines.