YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Troops Control Yemeni Borders With Oman

SANAA, April 20 (YPA) – Saudi troops started on Thursday to deploy in Yemeni eastern border outlets with Oman, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The Saudi troops’ command deployed hundreds of Saudi soldiers backed with armored and military vehicles along Yemen’s borders with Oman and on important outlets and seaports such as Saihoot and Nashtoon.

Saudi military reinforcements, containing hundreds of soldiers, armored and military vehicles arrived on Tuesday to Nashtoon seaport, according to the sources.

Saudi Arabia seeks to establish a military base in Saihoot area in order to establish “Salman Canal” which will connect the Arabian Gulf with Indian Ocean through Mahra coast as an alternative route to the strait of Hormouz controlled by Iran.

Thekra Khalid/ bam