YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition’s militias suffer heavy losses in several fronts

SANAA, April 18 (YPA) – The Yemeni army forces on Wednesday carried out a series of attacks, which inflicted heavy losses upon Saudi-led coalition’s militias in the inside and beyond border fronts, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Jawf province, a number of the coalition’s militiamen were killed and injured in an attack targeted their positions in Waqaz and Sadba areas.

Other military operations inflicted the militia dozens of dead and wounded in al-Masloub and al-Ghail districts.

In Bayda province, a gunman loyal to the coalition was killed and another wounded in Nata front, two military vehicles laden with a big amount of ammunition belonging to the coalition were destroyed.

In Taiz province, the army’s missile forces and drones hit a Patriot air-defense system of the UAE occupation forces, and the artillery bombed a gathering of militias loyal to the coalition in the coastal district of Mocha in the western coast.

In Shabwa province, four gunmen loyal to the coalition were killed in Asilan district.

In Jawf province, two military vehicles of the coalition’s militia were destroyed, killing all who were on board in east of Sabrain front of Khab Washaf district.

In Najran region, the missile and artillery forces of the army bombarded Saudi troops’ gatherings in the sites of Shorfa, Shabaka and al-Hamad and off Alib outlet and Al-Hamra hill.

In Jizan region, the army bombed several positions of Saudi army in Jahfan and in Abu Madh and al-Namshih camps.

In Asir region, the army’s artillery force shelled Saudi-backed gunmen at al-Jawazat area and off Alib outlet and Sabahtal Mount.