YEMEN Press Agency

 26 tankers laden with diesel held in Marib

MARIB, April 18 (YPA) – Military forces in Marib province are holding 26 tankers laden with diesel fuel, which were on their way to Sana’a, under coalition military commander’s orders, carrier sector said in a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

The carrier sector said that 26 tankers containing more than 2 million liters of diesel fuel, were detained by military forces of Sahn-Jin Camp by the orders and guidance from Inspector General of Hadi militias, Adel Al-Qumairi.

The statement pointed out that a group of diesel fuel carriers  have official permits to be transferred from the port of Mukalla to Amran Cement Factory, indicating that carriers suffer heavy losses daily by more than 2 million riyals per day since the suspension of tankers in late December 2017 until now.

The statement revealed a group of carriers received recently a letter from the Office of the Inspector General that they have to quickly come Marib to unload the fuel oil and receipt of tankers, and those who will not come, their tankers will be confiscated with the retained amount.

The statement called on all the media to transfer the suffering of carriers group, and revealed the damage that threatens them of bankruptcy due to non-human transactions and the introduction of political conflicts in which they have no strings attached with.

The carrier sector appealed to the competent authorities, the United Nations and the official authorities to intervene immediately to release their only source of livelihood after suffering heavy financial losses, adding that the materials are sold to Amran Cement Factory and use to operate the factory.

Sameera Hassn