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Saudi Arabia is the killer of Yemeni children, The Guardian says

SANAA, April 17 (YPA) – The Guardian British newspaper accused  Saudi Arabia of starving Yemeni people to death, saying that “Saudi-led coalition waged economic and military aggressive war led Yemen to famine and caused deaths to many Yemeni children every day due to lack of food, medicine, and clean water.”

“Humanitarian assistance is vital, but it is not enough, the newspaper commented.

It added that western countries, including the United Kingdom, can  do much to mediate a peace agreement for Yemen .”

Saudi Arabia and its allies hold responsible for war crimes and violations of humanitarian law in Yemen,” The Guardian said.

It stressed that Yemen urgently needs international support for the strategy to combat famine, which must go beyond providing emergency supplies to restore food markets, including rebuilding the infrastructure, providing salaries for State employees.

The World Bank can play a crucial role in these areas, in addition to combating cholera and diphtheria epidemics, as well as increasing the provision of clean and sanitary water.

The newspaper called Saudi-led coalition and its allies to end the economic war and military aggression on Yemen, this war that almost killed many children in Yemen mercilessly.