YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition warplanes wage airstrikes on Yemen’s Saada

SAADA, April 17 (YPA) – The US-backed Saudi-led coalition warplanes continued on Monday evening launching raids on Saada province, a security official told Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

The warplanes launched 12 strikes on Farea , Sawh areas and Abu-Jubara valley in Kutaf district.

Furthermore, five of Saudi-led airstrikes hit Alaf area of Sehar district and Sama’a mount western Saada city, and four airstrikes on Central Security Camp.

The official said that a civilian was injured by the fire of Saudi border guards in Munabah district.

Meanwhile, Saudi missile force targeted several areas of Bagem, Ghmer and Razeh border districts, damaging residents’ properties, the official added.


Sameera Hassn