YEMEN Press Agency

NO to US-led Aggression on Syria, Yemenis say

SANAA, April.15 (YPA) – For decades Yemenis have been saying that America and Israel are the masseurs of this age and that their plans and projects will extend to all the Arab and Islamic countries.

 The Yemenis realized day by day how their agendas expanded from the downtrodden Arabs who have no Arabic dignity or religion, only bearing its names.

In this deep culture and high awareness of the issue, the Yemenis are moving as they battle the Saudi-led coalition for the fourth year in a row.

Today, they send their message to the neutral and justifying of the alliance that the masks are exposed and everyone knows what is happening in Syria seven years ago.

In its final thrust, the triple aggression led by Washington was forced to intervene directly in a bid to achieve what its tools could not achieve.

But the Yemenis firmly assert that they will not surrender to Saudi-led coalition and its mercenaries and vowed to defeat them.

In the same context, the Yemenis expressed their outrage and widespread condemnations against the triple US, British and France aggression on Syria,

That comes in consecutive statements of all Yemeni political parties and components; civil society organizations, universities and governmental and private institutions, topped by Ansaurullah movement all denounced the aggression as a blatant attack on a sovereign country.