YEMEN Press Agency

Morocco pulls joint planes with coalition in Yemen

RABAT, April 15 (YPA) –  Moroccan army has decided to pulls joint  aircraft squadron with the Saudi-led coalition, which has waged a war against Yemen since March 2015, according to Moroccan media sources.

The sources said that under the direction of Inspector-General of the Royal Armed Forces,  Abdul Fattah al-Warraq, , they called the squadron which consist of six aircrafts, which had been sent to the United States of America In order to raise its standard.

The source added that Moroccan people are divided between supporters and opponents of the war, in which Morocco participates by  air forces in military operation, led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, claiming the success of anti-Ansar Allah in dropping the Moroccan fighter F-16 American.

Sameera Hassn