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Salvation Govt: prevents access to Safir oil tanker, bears responsibility

SANAA, July 28 (YPA) – The Minister of Oil and Minerals in the National Salvation Government, Ahmed Dars, said that the forces of aggression prevent the arrival of maintenance teams to Safir oil tanker floating off the port of Ras Issa and even target those approaching it.

He said in a statement to  Al-Masirah channel that several appeals addressed to the United Nations, warned of the consequences of any oil spill from the Safir oil tanker floating in the sea, did not receive an answer.

Dars added,”We demanded that the cost of maintenance works for the floating tanker to be from the value of stored oil and our request refused, pointing out that Safer company in Marib is concerned to send maintenance teams not pull them from the floating tank in the sea.

The Minister of Oil renewed the warning of the consequences of environmental disaster, stressing that Salvation government in the capital Sana’a is not responsible for any repercussions after making all concessions, while the forces of aggression continues targeting any maintenance teams approaching the tanker.

The Safir oil tanker contains about 8 million barrels of crude oil, which constitutes a time and environmental bomb that will reach the neighboring countries and the Suez Canal as a result of the lack of a floating tank for maintenance since the lunching the aggression against Yemen and targeting maintenance teams that tried to reach the floating Safir oil tanker.