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Lawsuit accuses Al-Bashir of leasing Sudanese army to Saudi Arabia

SANAA, April 14 (YPA) – A Sudanese lawyer filed a lawsuit against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on charges of leasing the Sudanese army to foreign countries.

According to documents circulated by Sudanese media on Saturday, the lawyer Amr Mohiuddin Khair said in his lawsuit that ” the Sudanese president for several years handed over a number of Sudanese soldiers to a neighboring country (Saudi Arabia), which in turn sent them to the war in Yemen.”

The Sudanese lawyer affirmed that the decision to send troops to Yemen violated one of the articles of the Constitution, which stipulates the non-interference in other countries’ affairs, promoting good-neighborliness and maintaining balanced and friendly relations with other countries.

The lawsuit noted that President al-Bashir also violated the Constitution by sending troops to Yemen without the approval of the Sudanese Parliament, demanding the return of the Sudanese forces to home.

It also demanded compensating Yemeni people, whom have been affected by the implementation of such unconstitutional decision, from al-Bashir’s funds.

In this lawsuit, Sudanese voices rised to demand stopping the leasing of soldiers to foreign countries, while the Yemeni street is raging with anger and condemnation after a rape crime committed by a Sudanese solider of the Saudi-led coalition against a Yemeni girl in the province of Hodaida.