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Saudi occupation forces take control over Yemen’s Mahrah

SANAA,April.14 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition occupation authorities tightened its grips of Yemen’s province of Mahrah by deploying its soldiers and set up checking points along the roads link the city of Ghaydah  with both Hawf, Shahn and Nashton districts.

In the pretext of fighting the arms smuggling to Ansarullah movement from Mahrah province, Saudi pushed its troops to the province on December 2017, according to Al-Arabi website.

The deployments of Saudi soldiers was to cover the business of the American Aryan Gas Company, which began to carry out construction work to deepen the port of Nashton, So that Saudi oil tankers can dock at the port easily .

The Saudi occupation forces were camped in the Khalafut area. They camped and stationed at the brigade (137 Mika) and the brigade (123) infantry, Al-Arabi quoted sources in Mahrah province was saying.

The source added that Saudi soldiers were deployed along the roads towards the Rub’ al Khali desert.

While Al Ghaydah Airport became under the control of the Saudi Arabian soldiers, and that military cargo planes and civilian aircraft landed at the airport on a weekly basis.

The Saudi officers made Taj al-Arab hotel in the city of Ghaydah as their accommodation, and they surrounded hotel recently by concrete blocks.

The Arabi reported that the spread of the Saudi occupation in Mahrah came at the same time as hundreds of Salafis fighters were brought to the province of Mahrah by Saudi occupation authorities.

The citizens in Maharah staged a protest as a reaction against the existence of Salafist groups in the province.