YEMEN Press Agency

UAE seeks to control all communications network in South of Yemen

SANAA, April.13 (YPA)- The United Arab of Emirates( UAE ) occupation forces are seeking to take control over all the communications networks by expanding their military activities in the southern provinces, a private source told Yemen Press Agency.

The UAE occupation’ authorities in Aden province introduced a modern equipment and techniques to disrupt all communications in the southern region, the source said.

According to the source, there is a systematic and well-arranged process for a gradual destruction of all communications systems in the southern provinces in order to create an Emirati communications network in the South of Yemen.

The UAE occupation is due to establish their own communications network in the southern provinces, following the warning of the telecommunication branch in Aden province of the spread of devices entered the country illegally, under the name of strengthening the coverage of communication networks, the source added.