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Leader of Revolution: US political fraud in the region failed

SANAA, April.13 (YPA) – The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi confirmed that America and Israel made rifts in the ranks of the Islamic and Arabic nation to control its armies, wealth and decisions.

In a televised speech aired on Friday on the anniversary of Commander Hussein Badr Aldeen al-Houthi’s martyrdom, the leader said that America, before attacking Yemen, it practiced political fraud and propaganda in the region with corporation of some Arab regimes, which makes many people think that they were no way to confront American and Israeli threats.

“United States and Israel are afraid of direct confrontation with the Yemeni people, especially after the painful experience of America in Iraq,” he said, adding that they recruited some of the Arab regimes, armies and groups to fight on their behalf.

Regarding the Qura’anic project, he continued: Hussein al-Huthi did not adhere to any doctrine, sect, but to the the Islamic nation.

Sayyed added that Qur’anic project begun rightfully and in a peaceful ways and there were no justifications for targeting it by the former regime and the forces of the region.

The revolution leader stressed that the consecutive 14-year-old wars aimed to undermine the Qura’anic project, but they could not  stop it from going on , despite hostile military, media and cultural wars that have not targeted other Western-allied Islamic projects.