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YSP Leader subjected to assassination attempt in Aden

ADEN, April 12 (YPA) – A leader of the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP), Abdo Ali al-Gladi al-Subaihi, was shot on Thursday by a silencer gun in an assassination attempt by unidentified gunmen in the city of Aden, an official told Yemen Prass Agency.

Al-Subaihi, the secretary of the al-Thawri newspaper, was shot in his shoulder by a silencer pistol while he was traveling in a taxi in Mansoura district.

Al-Subaihi was rushed to the hospital, While the gunman fled in front of many of the attendees

Al-Subaihi works as  the secretary of al-Thawri newspaper and the political wing of the Yemeni Socialist Party

Aden is witnessing a major security chaos in the assassination which carries out by Emirati intelligence against its opponents from the Islah Party and their allies, which are financed by Saudi Arabia.


Sameera Hassn