YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s ballistic missiles can destroy Saudi economy

SANAA, April .12 (YPA) – With the beginning of the fourth year of the Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen, Yemen’s options seem to have expanded on a large scale in return for the decline of the Saudi’s options.

Yemeni consecutive ballistic missile strikes on Saudi Arabia’s facilities show Yemen’s capabilities to stifle the Saudi economy, as Yemeni rocketry forces bombed Saudi Arabia oil facilities, which will be reflected in the various areas of life in the kingdom, which depend on the oil wealth of its wars.

A number of economic analysts believe that targeting Saudi Arabian oil companies will put pressure on the world economy, forcing the international community to pay attention to Yemen, and seek to stop the Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen.

Oil, which is the mean of igniting Saudi wars in the region, appears to be turning to a curse and burning the kingdom itself.