YEMEN Press Agency

President vows to fire ballistic missiles on Saudi territories every day

DHAMAR, April 9 (YPA) – President Saleh Al-Sammad on Monday said the current year would be a year of ballistic missiles, adding “we will launch ballistic missiles on Saudi Arabia every day.”

The president’s remarks came during a meeting held in Dhamar city and attended by ministers and officials in the province to inaugurate the fourth year of steadfastness and mobilization to counter the Saudi-led coalition aggression.

“Whatever is the level of Saudi defense systems, our missiles will reach them and they will not be safe,” the president said.

Al-Sammad noted that Saudi crown prince, during his recent visit to US, has sold the Palestine issue and declared his country renounced Whahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood, which proves the impasse that Saudi Arabia reached.

The president stressed the importance of the decisive escalation against the aggression coalition’s escalation.

He affirmed the home front is stronger than ever, and any bet on its disintegration is a losing bet.