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Inhabitants of Mahrah province step up their protests against Saudi occupation

MAHRAH, June 12 (YPA) – Local residents of Hawf district in al-Mahrah province on Tuesday resumed an open sit-in, demanding the departure of the Saudi occupation forces from the border checkpoint in eastern Yemen.

A local source in al-Mahrah province reported that the Saudi Arabian occupation militias tried to prevent the people of Hawf district, who are planning to hold a mass rally this afternoon to reach the port, but the protesters managed to break the military checkpoints and carry out the sit-in.

Participants in the sit-in headed by the prominent leader of the al-Mahrah committee sit-in and former provincial undersecretary Sheikh Salem al-Harizi described the Saudi forces and their militias as “occupation”,
They chanted slogans demanding his departure from all the Mahrah directorates.

The Hawf sit-in committee on Monday called for resuming their sit-in in front of the port of Sarifat to demand the departure of Saudi forces from the port and respect for the country’s sovereignty.

The resumption of sit-ins in the Al-Mahrah directorates came after the governor of the exiled Hadi and the Saudi forces ‘ leadership overturned in early June 2018 of the agreement, which confirmed the departure of the Saudi occupation forces and affiliated militias, in exchange for the evacuation of the sit-ins from the provincial capital.

For his part, a leader in the sit-in of Al-Mahrah and an organizational member of Hawf sons Ahmed Balhaf said that the Saudi occupation forces and their militias in Yemen’s al-Mahrah province are pushing the situation towards another escalatory.

He explained that the sons of Hawf are unanimous that the option of peaceful sit-in and escalation within this scope will be the approach and the path they take to the departure of Saudi forces and militias from the district of Hawf.

The Saudi forces, their militias and their tools are still working to provoke the citizens, who may make things turn towards another direction for self-defence, freedom and dignity, he added

Al-Balhaf confirmed the presence of coalition forces in al-Mahrah, Socotra and Hadhramaut was unjustified, as these provinces are free of “Houthi” groups or extremist groups.