YEMEN Press Agency

Update: Yemeni army attacks Saudi unmanned aerial vehicles’ locations in Jizan airport

JIZAN, June 9 (YPA) -The Yemeni army on Sunday launched aerial attacks, using drones on Jizan military airport, southwest of Saudi Arabia, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

According to the official, the Air force carried out several aerial attacks, using “Qasif-k2” drones on the Jizan airport.

“The aerial attacks on the Jizan airport have targeted the Saudi-led coalition Unmanned aerial vehicles’ parks and locations involved in the aggression against Yemen,” the official said.

“The aerial attacks came after the countries of aggression have turn out the Jizan airport into a military base for wagging their aggression against Yemen,” he added.

The attack on the Jizan airport is the second of its kind within two weeks. On 26 May, the Yemeni army announced targeting of warplanes’ parks and locations in the same airport, using the Qasif-k2 drones.