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Yemeni army spokesman: Yemeni army forces control over 26 military sites in Jawf province

SANAA, June 4 (YPA) – The spokesman of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, has confirmed that the army forces, backed by the Popular Committees have on Tuesday been able to cleanse and secure the fronts of al Safahah and al- Wajef in Khub -Washaeaf district completely, as well as access the Al-Yatamah district of Jawf province in northern Yemen.

In a press statement, the Brigadier General said that special units of the army and Popular Committees in cooperation with the intelligence agency forces have carried out large-scale offensives against the sites of mercenaries in the Astor area of Khub Washaef district.

He noted that the army forces liberated about 26 military sites, with a total area of more than 40 square kilometres.

“This operation comes in the context of the actual implementation of the promises made by the Leader of the Revolution and the Supreme Military Command that the fifth year will be the year of victory and determination,” Brigadier Yahya Saree said.

He indicated that scores of mercenaries were killed and others injured, while several were captured. Large amounts of weapons and military materiel were seized as well.

Yahya Saree confirmed that more than a dozen mercenary military mechanisms were destroyed.

The spokesman for the Armed Forces concluded by calling on the sheikhs and tribal leaders of the Yatmah region to stand by the army in order to cleanse their areas of invaders.